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Auto Europe is an international car rental company that has over 20,000 car rental locations that spread across 180 countries. The company was started in 1954 in Germany by Alex Cecil. The company has been accredited with A+ rating since 1993 and has maintained this great reputation over the years. If you are in need of a discount car rental company with a proven track record, this is your best bet. You will find Auto Europe in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Seize the various deals that we present to you and rent a car at an affordable price.

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About Auto Europe

What Services Does Auto Europe Canada Offer

Auto Europe has really expanded its service range through the decades. Initially, it started with the ordinary self-drive car rental services. However, this has significantly changed and it offers rentals for sports and luxury vehicles, campervans, motorhomes, motorcycle rentals and long term rentals of new Peugeot cars. There are airport transfers as well as chauffer services from this company. Auto Europe aims to become your one-stop shop for all your travel needs all over the world.

Auto Europe

Payment Methods Accepted at Auto Europe Canada

You can use both debit and credit cards as your form of payment for reservations at Auto Europe. The company accepts MasterCard, Visa, and American Express Cards for payment purposes. Airline miles and credit card point are not accepted as a mode of payment at this company.

Options to Get Discounts At Auto Europe Canada

Auto Europe Canada Email Signup – Sign up for Auto Europe Canada emails and get the latest offers and news about the various deals that the store has to offer. This is a great way to receive all special offers and exclusives delivered to your inbox. Do not miss out on any car rental deals; so, sign up today and get the best deals beforehand.

Auto Europe Canada 20% off - In as much as Auto Europe Canada all the car rentals at a discounted rate, here is a coupon to help you get even higher discounts. With this deal, you will get up to 20% discounts on the car rental services. This offer is only applicable in Europe.

Auto Europe Canada $7 Car Rentals – Rent your car around European countries starting from as low as $7 per day. This is an affordable rate and you will be able to fulfill all your obligations easily with such a great deal.

Auto Europe Canada One-Way Discounts- Look out for the special discounts for one-way rentals. You will not be subjected to the full price of renting the car if you need to use it only one-way. Get this great discount and enjoy the amazing savings on your car rentals.

Auto Europe Canada Luxury Cars – If you need a luxury car like a Mercedes Benz, you do not have to worry about the cost implications. Auto Europe Canada has a 15% off offer for the rental of all the luxury rentals. This is a limited offer which you should not miss out on.

Auto Europe Canada 30% off Early Booking – Book early for your car rentals and save up to 30% off the normal price. If you are planning a road trip or need to rent a car, you should consider making an early reservation so as to enjoy this discount.

Auto Europe Canada World Wide Car Rentals – Use the numerous car rental coupons to get the best price for your rental. Get up to 30% discounts for car rentals from Auto Europe Canada all over the world. Remember, you can actually combine a number of deals and offers so as to get fabulous discounts on your rentals.

Auto Europe Canada Last Minute Deals – Emergencies are part and parcel of the daily life. As such, there are days when you will need to rent a car at the very last minute. Use this coupon so as to get a chance to make some savings on your last minute car rentals.

Auto Europe Canada Travel Deals and Specials – Besides the car rental discounts, you can get fantastic deals on all your travel needs. Save up to 30% on the overall travel deal that you pick from Auto Europe Canada. This will significantly reduce the amount of money that you will end up spending on your trip.

Auto Europe Canada Rental Guides – Get a free guide that will help you make informed decisions when renting cars in Europe. The free guide has been prepared by Auto Europe Canada based on the experience from the several decades they have been in business. You will find these guides to be very useful.

Auto Europe Canada Trip Planner – Have always desired to take a road trip, but did not know how to go about it? Auto Europe Canadahas the perfect solution for. Get a free road trip planner which you can use to come up with a personalized road trip, which you will enjoy with family and friends.

Auto Europe Canada Student Rental – Students should make use of the Auto Europe coupon codes to get special deals that are designed to accommodate students. As a student, you should not be subjected to the same rate that other people who have steady incomes pay. Use this option and renting a car will not be a daunting task.

Auto Europe Canada Long Term Rentals – For those of you who need to rent a car for a long time, there is a special package for you. You will save up to $225 on all your long term rentals. This offer is applicable for those who need to use the cars for at least 21 days and more. You will not pay the daily rate and this assures you of huge savings on your rental.

Auto Europe Canada Wedding Packages – You should not take chances with your big day. Rent your cars from Auto Europe Canada so that you can be assured of reliable transportation on your wedding day. You may also choose to rent the luxury cars to be part of your wedding caravan. You will get amazing deals with the discount car rental services from Auto Europe Canada.


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