Why Working Remotely Is a Great Alternative to the Canadian Winter [Infographic]

Most of us like the Canadian snow and Christmas right? But do we really love a 6-month winter especially if we don’t get to ski and snowboard everyday? So what if you didn’t have to go to work today, get dressed, clean the show out of your front door, fight the traffic or go through a hectic same day-to-day commute, to sit at your desk while you complete that stressful project. If that wasn’t a key requirement of making a living and putting food on the table, would you still do it?

Many start-up entrepreneurs escape that environment by starting a new business. But apart from losing the suit for a t-shirt and swapping the cubicle for the bedroom or parent’s garage, the rest is pretty much the same old.

So how about adding location independence in the mix? Enter Digital Nomads - a growing cross-section of the working population who have leveraged the internet and technology to allow themselves to work or start-up almost anywhere in the world.


It’s the proverbial university gap year, but it never ends. It’s the “I’m going travelling” mentality, but instead of working in bars or doing odd jobs to fund the next plane ticket, they take their careers with them in their carry-on.While some digital nomads themselves cringe at the term, it is used to reference a relatively new type of worker/entrepreneur who does their job on the go.


We put together an infographic that looks at the phenomenon closely.

Digital Nomads Infographic

Feb 10, 2016