6 Chic and Simple Hairstyle Creations with a Bandanna

Bandannas are squared kerchief-like clothing that is adaptable as a unisex accessory. Some women, however, feel that the bandanna is too masculine and should not be part of their hair accessories. There are however very many ways that women can wear a bandana and still have a chic and feminine appearance. A few celebrities have popularized the bandana as a piece of accessory for their hair making its popularity vast. Rihanna and Cher are famous for including the bandanna as an accessory, and they have learned how to use the adornment very effectively. You can wear your bandana in very many ways and still make it chic and simple. For this reason, you should never be afraid to be creative and to experiment with various looks. 

Rocking a Bandanna Headband

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Start off by folding the bandana diagonally to form a triangular shape. The triangle should then be rolled into a strip beginning from the widest part of the triangle while rolling it gently towards the tip. The width of the roll determines how wide your headband will turn out. You should then wrap the bandana around your head with the tip centered over your forehead while facing backward. The bandana should then be secured at the ends with a double knot while also ensuring that it is sufficiently tight and will not fall off. You can then set any bandanna hairstyle that you desire. You could either pull your hair into a ponytail or  leave it as it is. You can thus wear a bandanna on your head in the same way hair accessories such as regular headbands are worn. Gap Canada is a great place to find some beautiful bandannas.  

The Ponytail Bandana Hairstyle 

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The simple ponytails bandanna hairstyle can be worn with both small and big bandannas. Firstly, you must lay your bandanna on a flat surface and then gather the apparel towards the center so that you are holding the gathered bandanna on one hand. You should then create a single loop right at the heart of the bandanna. Now you will need to loop the bandanna over your ponytail and then pull the loop so that you have a very close and tightening on your ponytail. You should make sure that the bandanna is tightly secured so that you can tie another knot. You now have a ponytail bandanna hairstyle over your ponytail hairstyle. For an assorted variety of attractive bandannas, head to Abercrombie & Fitch 

The Channel Rosie Bandanna Hairstyle 


With this hairstyle, you will only have a bit of hair that shows in front of your head and right at your crown. You could choose to make a pouf if you tease the hair that is found at the crown for purposes of volume, a simple style, or even some sleek bangs. Take your bandanna and fold it in half thus creating a large triangle. You can then swathe the triangular bandana over your shoulders like a cape. Take the two corners of the bandanna and bring them over your ears, but ensure that they are behind your bangs or pouf. Now pull the center point of the triangle right under the ends and then tie a knot at the top so that the bandanna is secured by using bobby pins under the ears. Once through with this, lock your style in place by using hairspray. This is an ideal style when you are outdoors or when cleaning your home and don’t want dust all over your hair. This is one reason why bandannas should always be a part of your hair accessories. 

The Retro-look Headband Bandana Style 

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Have you seen the way Rihanna and Cher Lloyd in the X Factor UK wear bandannas? Then, you must be familiar with the modern retro-look headband bandana hairstyle. This style is also known as the retro rockabilly and is essentially a vintage look and one of the best approaches to a bandanna hairstyle that will look completely perfect. This hairstyle creation with a bandanna is achieved by first rocking your hair into vintage styles like the pin curls or pompadour. Then roll up the bandana and place it around your head the same way you would use a normal headband although you tie the ends right in front and at the top of your head. If you are one of Rihanna’s many fans, then rocking this hairstyle will be a real inspiration. At Blooming Dales there are a variety of bandannas that you will undoubtedly love.

The 70’s Headband Bandanna Style


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Are you a hippie music lover and also enjoys attending music festivals? Then you will probably like the 70’s headband bandana style. Start by folding the bandana diagonally and then get hold of the tip of the triangle at the base and again fold over lengthwise. Now either roll or fold the bandanna to the extent where it is about one to three inches wide. The center of the bandana should be placed right at the center of your forehead. The two loose ends should then be taken and tied behind your head while you ensure that your hair falls beneath the bandanna. 

The French knot Bandana Style 

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For this style, you might need a bandanna that is a little oversized. You begin at the front of your neck and wrap the bandanna around your neck only once. Most of the attire should be left hanging behind you. You should then pull the ends so that they come to the front. Ensure that there is a little slackness so that the material is not too tight. You should then make a knot at the front and allow the small bit of the remaining material to hang down from the knot. 

The bandana hairstyle is gaining popularity in the trendy modern styles. Bandanas are no longer secluded to a particular gender. Both men and women are finding fancy styles to rock using the bandana. In fact, among the many hair accessories that fill a woman’s handbag, a bandana always makes it on that list for obvious reasons. If you wish to upgrade your bandanna wardrobe, the aforementioned stores will make a good stop for you. And while at it, use our coupon deals for amazing discounts. 

Oct 14, 2016