8 Must Visit Museums in Canada

8 Must Visit Museums in Canada

Nothing is more important than spending time with a family and there is no better time to plan a family day together than during the month of May. This is because the month of May is museum month in Ontario and features many wonderful museums and more events & activities for the family then you can shake a stick at. Here are 8 of Canada’s finest museum to visit with your family:

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

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The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts features exhibits from well known Canadian luminaries and European Impressionists. You will also find a diverse collection of what can only be described as some of the finest artifacts of all time. If decorative art is your thing, then you'll love the fact that included in its wide selection of priceless art is a collection of Canada's most impressive decorative art found to date. Don't forget to take the children through the underground tunnel that connects the two individual buildings that make up this must see a museum.


Canadian Museum of History

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Boasting one of the most comprehensive exhibits found, the Canadian Museum of History is living up to its name indeed. Included in the many features available is a wall of windows 112m (367ft) wide by 15m (49ft) high, the Grand Hall, and First Nations Artifacts. Visitors have the opportunity to walk through Canadian Human History, that spans thousands of years, by way of "streetscape" galleries. If this weren't enough, families can enjoy the Canadian Children's and Postal Museum, as well as an IMAX theatre.


Museum of French America

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This spectacular museum offers visitors an opportunity to experience the history & heritage of Quebec like no other. It also traces the culture & history of France, pointing out the significance of the settling of both North America and Canada's oldest province. From the extensive collection of 15th century Canadian and European paintings to the rare collection of early French instruments and coins, there is something for everybody to enjoy.


Art Gallery of Ontario

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Picasso, Cezanne, and Van Gogh are just a few of the European masters whose art can be found in the 8th largest museum of art located in North America. A mind-boggling 65,000 pieces are contained in the Art Gallery of Ontario and nearly half of them are pieces by Canadian artists. Collections available for viewing the date as far back as 100 AD and continue on to works from the present day. Children will enjoy learning about the history of Australian and African Aboriginal art during their visit.


Royal Ontario Museum

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Known for the more than six million items contained within, the Royal Ontario Museum houses an impressive East Asian collection of Yuan Dynasty paintings, a jaw-dropping collection of dinosaurs, and even a few art galleries containing pieces from the ancient Egyptian and Bronze Ages. Children will have an opportunity to touch to their little hearts content while visiting an interactive high-tech gallery and an actual dinosaur dig for the young palaeontologist in each of them.


Royal British Columbia Museum

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The Royal British Columbia Museum does an exceptional job of tracing British Columbia's natural and human history in it's three incredible permanent galleries. Families will be mesmerized by the museum's Ice Age presentation containing live tidal pools and monstrous woolly mammoths. Another nice feature is entertained in the Modern History Gallery and First People's Gallery which explores artifacts, art, and cultural items from the pre-Colombian period. Children will lose track of time as they watch actual native carvers create brand new totem poles in a special area behind the museum.


Royal Tyrrell Museum

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Featuring a collection of complete dinosaur skeletons that will impress even the biggest fan, this museum of palaeontology, and facility of research, does in fact, hold the largest collection of its kind. Because the museum is located near an actual dig site, visitors will have an opportunity to watch exploration as it happens or may choose to take a tour of a signature gallery. This is another must visit museum for families with children of all ages.


Museum of Anthropology

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The Museum of Anthropology is part of the Vancouver's University of British Columbia. The majority of the 500,000 artifacts within the facility, originated right in coastal British Columbia. Among the more well-known pieces are five centuries of native ceramics, a unique collection of canoes, feast dishes and giant totem poles. These pieces can be found in an impressive room with 15-m (49-ft) glass windows referred to as the Great Hall. Children will stand in awe as they enjoy the view of the mountains overlooking the sea, exactly where these very same totem poles have been hand carved.


Family time together is something extremely important and is something that should never be sacrificed. How families choose to spend their time together can make the difference in just how strong the bond between all the members will be. For those looking for the perfect solution, the answer is quite simple, visit one of Canada’s finest museums with your family.

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May 17, 2016