Canadians Favorite Dogs

Canadians Favorite Dogs

In the modern world, people tend to have varied options of what they prefer as pets. However, Canada seems to be a great nation of dog lovers. You will be thrilled to find that Canadians defend their dogs just as they do to their children, sometimes even with more zeal. To them, dogs are not just a pet, but a companion. You may find it funny, but research shows most people in Canada would rather take an hour communicating with their favorite dog than with a bunch of snobby friends.

So, why this obsession?

There is no doubt about the adage that associates dogs to faithfulness. Dogs are loyal and stick to their owners come what may. This explains why a Canadian will protect his dog and fiercely attack anyone or anything that comes between him and the animal. However, every Canadian has a favorite dog type that is a personal reflection of his taste as well as personality.

From time to time, Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) lists the top dog breeds based on the dogs that are registered with them. Here, we look at the six favorite dog breeds in Canada.

Labrador Retriever


Labs, as most dog lovers call them, come in three colors. You can opt for black, yellow or chocolate though the latter is rare to find. For the last two decades, Canadian dog lovers have voted the Labrador Retrieval as their favorite dog. It could be due to its intelligence, adaptability, and ease of training. Labradors originated in Newfoundland and happened to be the descendants of the mighty St. John’s Dog breed. This dog has unmatched loyalty, and its affection makes most dog owners obsessed by its character.  Special needs individuals such as the blind and epileptic, view labs as great companions because of their strong muscular bodies. You may wonder why they are called retrievers, but it’s because they love hunting, playing catch and retrieve with their owners as well as retrieving water birds such as the ducks. These dogs have a unique coat that repels water, webbed toes, sturdy legs and thick tails, all which make them great swimmers. The fact that they good in swimming and athletic further explains their consistency win in Canada. 

German Shepherds


With its origin in Germany, Germany Shepherds makes it in the second position. On the mention of the German shepherd, what comes to mind is a black and tan animal of an average size with a domed forehead and a bushy tail. Originally, this dog was bred for herding sheep. However, today it has found other guardian work and services. From search and rescue missions, police escort, security roles and even supporting actors when shooting films. It is also worth to note that, these dogs were used for military purposes in the first and second world wars. Like the Labrador, German shepherds are versatile, intelligent, muscular and easy to train. For your information, President Herbert Hoover used a German Shepherd in his presidential campaign a gesture that made people view Hoover as an approachable man. 

Golden Retrieval

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Labrador’s cousin Golden retrieval manages the third position. Bred in Scotland, this dog is one of the cheerful animals Canadians over and over fall in love with. Besides their beauty, they are great family pets as they get along well with children.  Moreover, their friendly nature makes it easy associating with strangers, guests as well as other dogs and pets. For this reason, most Canadians do not keep this dog as a watchdog as it tends to perform poorly in that sector. However, when it comes to physical and mental exercise, it is a great winner. Besides being excellent retrievals, they love playing fetch, jogging, swimming, walking getting involved in brain games that wear them mentally. Unfortunately, this dog is best for active individuals who need to involve it in regular exercise. Again, Golden Retrievals aren’t a good choice for living in a yard as they easily get bored and lonely leading to them becoming destructive.



Poodles have their origin in German where they were referred us Pudel to mean ‘Splash in the water.' These dogs were originally bred to retrieve game from water, but its services have diversified today. Poodles are not only intelligent, but they are also easy to train and great pets for children. They are also very playful and people friendly. Their fur rarely sheds and this makes it a great dog for people with allergies. However, with a coat that needs regular maintenance; some Canadians shy off from acquiring them. 

Shetland Sheepdog


A mention of Shetland sheepdog brings to mind a smiley, bright-eyed and bushy animal. Although the dog has its primary role as herding, it has for many years been a favorite family pet in many Canadian households. The dog is very smart and a fierce Barker especially to strangers and new dogs. Surprisingly, Shetland Sheepdogs love cats and other household pets more than children. Shelties are fast learners, and this makes it easy to train them. Most people who own this dog recommend offering treats and praises to make training easier and funnier.

Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkshire Terrier is historically renowned as a fierce rat catcher in British fabric mills back in the late 19th century. Today, it is a favorite lap dog due to its small size and beautiful blue and tan coats. Most people who own this particular dog are the single families and couples with no children but looking for company. However, despite their tiny nature, they are aggressive barkers making them excellent watchdogs. Most allergic people prefer this dog mainly because of its fine hair that is hypoallergenic. Some Canadians prefer the Yorkie in long hair though it can be kept short with regular grooming. 

There is in doubt about the positive relationship between Canadians and dogs. While there are tens of other dog breeds that the citizens love, only six of them made it in this listing. However, these are enough to give the world a speck of a Canadian’s life and lifestyle. Meanwhile, if you do not own a dog and are considering getting one, why not get one of the six breeds above. You will surely enjoy the experience.

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Jul 26, 2016