Comic Con Inspiration Looks

The popular San Diego Comic Con event is only weeks away. The event widely attracts fans from all walks of life mainly because of the mix of celebrities, movie stars, workshops, and movie collectibles among other fun stuff it brings aboard. One of the most exciting things about this event is to see the cosplay from the fans's favorite superheroes and villains. 

Are you planning to attend the SDCC event this summer?

You have probably purchased your comic con badge in readiness for the event. However, what to wear must be the most disturbing question in your mind. While it could be okay cladding in your civilian jeans and sneakers, adding a twist to the dressing is more fulfilling. You have probably heard of the famous saying that advises job seekers to dress for the job they hope to get and not the job they already have. The same thing applies here. Dressing in attire inspired by the occasion’s theme plays a part in ensuring you get into the full spirit of the Comic-con event.  

What next now?

Comic-con is just like an adult Halloween, so start planning on getting great costumes if you will be cosplaying. If otherwise, plan to dress in comfortable clothing as this will determine how much you will enjoy. Comic-con requires attendees to choose comfort over style due to the buzz of activities and walking required. Despite your gender, there are endless fashion ideas for the event and various online stores like eBay or Amazon. Not limited to that, inspiration could also come from everywhere! so maybe you also want to check out CostCo to found something that you could use for your costume accessories.

So, let’s have a look at some fashion items you can rock for comic con.


Leggings and pants


The modern woman loves leggings and pants. Designers understand this and are therefore working hard towards giving them a variety. With the aim of providing unique styles, these designers have already created leggings with the comic con theme. From plastered Batman themes, spider man logos, fiction references, and Scooby Doo characters. The truth is that there is a variety to choose from.  Rocking such leggings is not only in line with the event’s theme, but also keeps you comfortable throughout the session. You can pair the leggings with a graphics T-shirt displaying the love for your favorite fandom. 

Accessories and Jewelry


A woman and her jewelry are hard to separate. Try stealing them and she will go to every extent just to recover them. With such obsession, you can be assured jewelry and women were created for each other. So, for Comic-Con, you might have to put aside the expensive statement jewelry. This is a public event and therefore not an ideal place to show off your expensive side in life- unless you don’t mind losing them. 

Dresses and skirts


Dresses and skirts reflect the medieval age when women were restricted from wearing pants. Wearing dress or skirt costumes for the comic con event gets even easier since you can easily use your cosplay sewing skills to create a unique item. However, this will require you to carry a needle, thread, and safety pins just in case the costume decides to misbehave. 



The shoes you wear for the convention will play a big part in how much fun you will have. Besides the human traffic, numerous activities will be happening in different areas of the center. If your intention is to attend most of them, you will, therefore, require walking for long. And as mentioned earlier, comic con means you have to sacrifice style for comfort. So, wear comfortable shoes lest you suffer from blisters for the entire four days. Flat ankle boots, sneakers, and sandals with a proper arch support is the way to go. However, you can still have an eye-catching look by rocking these shoes but with a comic theme plastered on them.  Remember not to shy away from what you love. Comic con comes once in a year; show your humorous side of life.




As mentioned above, shoes need to be very comfortable even for the men. You can opt for canvas, sketchers or any other type that does not cause friction to your feet. For the day’s look, you may consider having particular comic inspirations plastered on the shoes.



Just like women, men love accessorizing themselves. However, be careful not to wear heavy accessories that may hamper movement. Expensive jewelry should also be avoided for the fear of losing them due to human traffic. You may, therefore, consider rocking cufflinks with a Batman symbol, a belt with a Spiderman inspiration, an iron man ring as well as a watch plastered with your favorite comic con star. 



There is no better way than rocking a T-Shirt with a superhero, Avengers, X-man, Wonder Woman themes and pairing it with your favorite chino or pants. You can also pair them with a hat or a comic con inspired hoodie. All you need is to get a designer imprint graphics of your favorite star on them.


Comic-con event is all about having fun and being geeky. There is no better way to attend the event that than cladding in comfortable wears but with themes inspired by the event. However be sure to carry some essentials that nobody tells you about. For a fulfilling experience, you will definitely need snacks and water, sunglasses, your phone and charger, camera and charger, autobiography book and pen, cash and a hand's free bag to hold all these items.  

Jul 20, 2016