Couponing Tips and Tricks Every Shopper Should Know

Thinking to buy something new? maybe a new lenovo laptop? or maybe some new furnitures from JYSK? or maybe as simple as a pair of new shoes from footlocker sounds great! but the current status of the economy and inflation demands one necessity from our shopping-saving money. However, saving does not mean getting rid of or cutting back some basics in your home or office. It’s all about getting the same items you have always purchased but at discounted rates. You, however, do not have to keep checking the dailies for the stores running sales. Instead, all you need are coupons before hitting the shopping centers. You can be assured of saving more than 60% on the items you purchase.

But how?

Saving that much isn’t easy as it appears. In fact, most shoppers who disregard couponing do so due to the negligible amount a single coupon save. Using coupons efficiently and getting much from them needs a few tricks. It does not matter how many coupons you have gathered, learning how to use them is the greatest deal. As the world celebrates the coupon month this September, below are a few tips to help you make the best from coupons.

Before shopping;

  • Get the word out there

Saving money has never been embarrassing- unless you don’t feel the pinch of spending. If you really want to see huge savings reflected on the shopping receipt, there is need to collect lots of coupons. While $2 off on $30 may appear negligible, it can result in a great deal if you have lots of such coupons. So, bring your friends and family members aboard. Let them know you are on a couponing mission. If they spot coupons on the newspapers or over the internet, they need to print and cut them off for your mission. 

  • Organize them

If you want to be a couponing pro, you must learn how to organize your coupons. First, the coupons must be well clipped and then stored in an easy-to-access file. One great way is by getting yourself a coupon binder with card pages in alphabetical order. You can make it better by storing each coupon by the product it will be saving. For instance, the page with letter C can stack coupons for cereals or D for diapers. Finally, be sure to sort the coupons in the order of their expiration dates. You do not want to reach for them when the sales are on, only to find a bunch of them already expired. 

  • Know what to purchase beforehand

With a handful of coupons, there is the temptation of impulse buying- buying what you don’t actually need. To avoid this, plan yourself beforehand. Know what you want to purchase and list the items down before hitting the stores.  This way, you will avoid jumping on every special deal that catches your eye. While at the store, you also need to make sure that, you pick what you want and get out before over-shopping temptation hits you. If you have small children, consider leaving them behind since they can heighten the temptation of impulse buying.

During shopping;

  • Don’t be bland loyal

If you want to succeed with couponing, then you need to abort your loyalty with specific brands. Couponing is all about saving money, and that means going for the brand that will save you lots of money yet serve the same purpose your favorite brands do. So, once you have your coupons ready and set off for a shopping spree, be sure to close your eyes on brands but look out for the best deals. Figure out this, if a particular company was giving out free cereals, would you still brush off the offer all because you have never tried that specific brand. So, take advantage of how much savings you will make and who knows, you might end up loving the new found brand even more than the others.

  • You don’t have to use every coupon

If you have not yet realized, most stores change their offers almost every week. And each week the offer tends even to be better (though other times it’s the opposite.) so, don’t fall for using all the coupons at a single shopping spree. It will pay off if you can do little shopping episodes as you hold onto the coupons waiting for the best deal. However, most of these coupons last a month. Be sure, to use them before then. Or else, you may need to throw them away which will beat the essence of smart couponing.

  • Make use of sale items

Smart shoppers always wait until the stores are running sales to use their coupons. Using a coupon to shop on already sliced prices will save you lots of money as opposed to couponing a full priced item. Figure out this, a jar of peanut butter marked price in the supermarket is $6.99, and maybe you have a coupon for $1.00 off a peanut butter jar. That means if you decide to use the coupon you will spend $5.99 on the item. However, if you wait until the supermarket is running a sale, let’s say two jars for $6.00. You will end up buying each of the jars at $3.00. See, a whopping 80% savings.

  • Carry the coupons with you

It may sound awkward but no, it isn’t. Although you might be keeping tabs with when the local stores will be running sales, some moments may pass without your knowledge. You might head to your favorite supermarket, only to realize that they are running a sale on some items you have been hoping to purchase at discounted rates. While you can still buy those items on the sale price, it would have saved you even more if the coupons are used. So, if you have the coupons well organized, carry them around or even better let them stay in the car. You never know when an amazing sale may hit you.


If you are a beginner in couponing, you may find it hard at first. However, with a little patience and dedicated hard work you can be assured of emerging a great couponer. The above tips are great pointers to guide you along. Later, you will find out that, you learn even better tips as you start making use of the coupons. All said and done, have fun this September, the coupon month.

Aug 8, 2016