Five Tips on How to Make Your Lips Healthier

Five Tips on How to Make Your Lips Healthier

Have you recently looked at those magazine girls’ lips and dreamt of having such even for a day? Or probably noticed one of your friends having gorgeous lips that are so tempting to kiss? The images are hard to erase from your mind, and what you want is a replica of such lips. However, you probably get discouraged after reading some magazines, social media or listen to friend gossip, that achieving great lips is an expensive affair. To your relief, soft and smooth lips are easy to get and not expensive if the right steps are followed. 

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But why do you need gorgeous lips?

Soft and smooth lips not only make you confident, but they are great to look at. Again, with the International Kissing day just around the corner, there is no better time to address this issue but now. Kissing day aims at appreciating the concept of a kiss as a humble sign with no conventions and social norms. So, whether you will be giving the first kiss to your secret admirer, a formal kiss to your boss, a passionate kiss or simply a goodbye kiss, your lips need to be in good order. Below is a collection of 5 simple ways to achieve those tempting lips that you have always dreamt of.

Exfoliate your lips

Unknown to many, lips do not have natural lubrication, and that explains why they easily get dry and chapped. This mostly happens during the cold season but doesn’t mean it can’t occur in warm weather. You will agree that nobody wants to kiss peeling lips. So, to get rid of this flaky skin, exfoliating becomes a necessary task. Exfoliating can be performed in various ways. First, you can opt for rubbing a wet washcloth or toothbrush on the lips. Research have also shown that mixing sugar and honey and then using it to scrub your lips helps remove dead skin on the lips as well as keeping them hydrated. However, you need to do it gently to avoid hurting yourself. There are also products specially made for exfoliating dry and flaky skin. One of such products is the lip scrub that you can get on eBay at an affordable price and don't forget to use our coupon code and deals. Whichever way pleases you, be assured of better and smooth lips. However, exfoliating needs not be a daily affair, twice a week is enough. 

Keep your lips moisturized

Like mentioned above, some lips tend to be dry and chapped. For this reason, they need to be kept hydrated at all times. However, there are loads of lips moisturizing products in the market and getting the right one isn’t always easy. Nevertheless, some ingredients never lack in good products. They include beeswax, vitamin E, almond, coconut oils, shea butter and jojoba. If you wish to go simple, consider using the old but great petroleum jelly like Vaseline or baby oil. Remember not to apply too much moisturizer on your lips. A tiny amount of your favorite balm is enough to keep the lips soft. So, why don’t you check out some of medically tested and approved lip balms perfect for your skin on eBay? and to get the most out of it, use our coupon code and deals

Water your body

It may seem like an old phrase, but drinking at least eight glasses of water a day remains a uncompromised fact. Being hydrated is good for your body, skin and also leaves your lips healthy and in good shape at all times. Many people find drinking water an enormous task that's hard to achieve, but keeping yourself motivated and taking a bottle of water with you everywhere you go can make it easy. If you are wondering why your lips are always chapped, then note that dehydration could be the primary cause of your problem. So, why not embark on a hydration journey. Eight glasses in 24 hours are not as hard as you think. Be self-motivated and you will surely get those kissable lips that will tempt your loved ones this year’s kissing day. Keep a bottle of water with you everyday. There are plenty of pretty water bottle from walmart that you can carry around. Check out our walmart coupon codes and deal, so you can get cheaper price.

Avoid biting and licking

Most people are victims of lip biting and licking especially when anxious. It is mostly an unconscious habit and victims don’t tend to realize what they are doing until several minutes have passed. The problem is that, once you start licking them they will soon feel dry, and you will have to lick again and again to feel comfortable. According to Robert Brodell, M.D, a dermatologist based in Warren, Ohio, when you bite your lips, the digestive enzymes in saliva can easily damage the protective barrier on the lips causing them to feel dry and flaky. Biting your lips too often may have adverse effects that include bleeding and scarring. As the International Kissing day nears, you surely don’t want to have such lips. 

So, how do you stop it? As difficult as it may seem, biting can be avoided if the will is there. Try to figure out when you bite your lips and stop it before it happens. For instance, if you bite them when anxious, be alert and prevent it when anxiety gets you. You may also consider keeping off flavored lip balms as they may make it more tempting to lick. If all the above fails, try sucking on hard candy or a chewing gum.

Stop smoking

Unfortunately, smoking is addictive and stopping it isn’t that easy. However, smoking is not only unhealthy for your body, but it also makes your lips dark and unpleasant to look at. Again smoking causes your lips to lose moisture and normal elasticity making them dry and dull.  Some smokers also get some ugly vertical lines around the lips making one to look aged and wrinkled. So, smoking is no doubt a health disaster to your lips. As the world celebrates the International Kissing Day in a few days, why don’t you avoid smoking at least for some fresh breath to the society? Try to consume nicotine gum 2 months before to reduce your smoking habit. You can get it at costco and use our coupon codes and deals

Lips are an essential body part in both men and women. Besides being exposed to harsh weather, lips have thin skin that makes it very sensitive. However, with a little loving care, your lips can look gorgeous as you have always wished. As seen above, false to the common misconception that getting healthy looking lips is difficult, achieving a kissable look isn’t hard as presumed. All you need is extra care and self-motivation.  

Jul 4, 2016