Get Creative With Your Dining Room Decoration For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season. It’s time for family gatherings, feasts and above all, pop and celebration. However, it happens to be an overwhelming time as hosts try to get the perfect Thanksgiving decorations for their houses, lawns, and yard. Nevertheless, it’s worth the course especially after seeing your guests all happy of your hard work. Before deciding on what the decorations to adopt, be keen on colors. Thanksgiving happens in fall, and that means you should play around shades of brown, rusty red, orange and golden colors. Even then, you do not have to break the bank in an attempt to pull a fabulous décor. Here are some fun ideas for your dining room that will give you perfect home decorations.



A centerpiece can either complete or break an entire dining room set up. For this reason, you need to be careful before rushing for one. You need to pick a scene stealer centerpiece that complements not only the furniture but also the entire dining room. There are hundreds of centerpieces you could adopt. From pretty fall flowers, bowls of faux fruits, floral napkins, decorative candles and vases all which are available at Homedepot. However, when it comes to centerpieces, avoid exaggeration. Aim at an attractive piece that does not occupy most of the dining table area. In fact, most decor experts state that, less is often more. So, opt for minimal but irresistible décor that will leave your guests with memorable images of the Thanksgiving evening. 

Natural Harvest Decor


If you do not want to look so ordinary, then getting rid of floral arrangements would be a good option. The fact that Thanksgiving holiday corresponds with the harvest period means you could use pumpkins, guards, fruits and vegetables as part of your dining room decor. You might be wondering how. Right? Well, if you wish to have the harvest as the table décor, ensure that it is well organized. Start by lining the large items at the center followed by the small ones along the table runner. Ensure the colors compliment each other and avoid too much of a single item. If you have no harvest at home, then you need to consider visiting a grocery store to buy what you would love to be part of your natural harvest decoration. 



There is power in the cutlery used in serving meals. To most people, it either escalates their appetite or spoils it all together. If you wish to have your guests enjoy a memorable meal, ensure the dinnerware is well set. From the cutlery, plates, flatware, glassware, serve ware and everything else that will be used at the dining table. Opting for the dinnerware that has a harvest theme is ideal. Again, you could never go wrong with plates matching with the mugs or the trays taking after the glasses. Well, that is the point of Thanksgiving home decoration. To your relieve, there are hundreds of such options available Kitchen Stuff Plus.

Wall Decoration


Thanksgiving celebrations see the extended family come together as a way of tightening their relationship. Well, you could take this time to teach your children and other youngsters present of their heritage. Bearing in mind that most of your family members are present, understanding the family history is easier. Before the big day, embark on searching for photographs of the extended family. They could be baby photos, at teen years or present times. The point is to cut them neatly before sticking them to the walls in a nice family tree. If you want an even more appealing look, use photo frames available at  Amazon to put in the cutouts. Finally, during the Thanksgiving evening, you could make it a game of guessing who is who on the cut outs. With this wall décor, you will not only have pulled a creative decoration idea but also helped the young people in the family appreciate their ancestry. 



It doesn’t matter how attractive the centerpieces are if the dining table cloth isn’t attractive. Unfortunately, many people don’t put much attention to table cloths. A beautiful tablecloth is a foundation to a pleasant dining setting. This creates an incredible impression on your guests making them feel cared for. Before picking a table cloth, you need to put several pointers into consideration. First, the tablecloth color should be almost-matching with the dinnerware and the furniture. Well, a trick to ensure the colors don’t mismatch is by using fall colors for all these items. If you, however, wish for a bright color, be keen on the color crashing details. Additionally, when selecting your table cloth, ensure it has a Thanksgiving theme on it. It could be pumpkin images, sunflowers, harvest imagery, rustic leaves among others. For an assortment of such table, clothes have a look at the collection available at Lowes

These are a few Thanksgiving decoration tips that will leave your mind yearning for even more ideas. Well, decorations for this day are only restricted by your level of imagination. Don’t take anything to chances especially if you will be hosting visitors. Aim at leaving your guests intrigued by your creative ideas. And while at it, remember to shop any of the items aforementioned from for quality and a wide range of products to choose from JYSK, Lowes, Canadian Tire, Kitchen Stuff Plus, Home Depot, Amazon, eBay. While some of the products could be a tad expensive, you can claim our coupon deals to obtain them at great discounts.

Oct 4, 2016