Ideas: Gift for Women to celebrate Women’s Friendship Month

Every year in September, we get the chance to celebrate the women in our lives for all their years of friendship and support for a month, officially. Sometimes you just need a good laugh, or cry with a girlfriend to heal a wounded soul. No heart is too damaged that a tub of ice cream with a good friend cannot mend. Your true girlfriend will never be too busy for you when you need her the most. She will get out her comfortable pajamas to meet you at the club when you need a friend to drink yourself silly with and to talk about the things that some people would deem silly. She is also the one cheering you on with your plans and career goals as well as dishing out advice when family duties call. 

It is only right that their friendship and loyalty be celebrated this one month of the year and nothing shows appreciation better than a gift. This September, we look into some of the best presents that will astound her:

Print Totes

This girly and versatile bag pairs well any dress. You can dress it down to bring out the casual flirty look or wear it with a more formal look to tone it down a notch. The prints give it a unique look and add color to any outfit pairing. If your friend is a little shy and likes to stay on the safe side with earthy colors with no prints, then it is time to introduce her to a bolder style with this print-tote. Ebay have a variety of totes for every woman at a great price. You can go an extra mile and have them customize it for your friend if you want to make her feel really special. 

Sports Wear

Does she love working out? Is she a fan of hoodies? Then she will love that gift voucher from the sports section at Columbia Sportswear. You can never go wrong with clothes and even more, sportswear for sports lovers. There is no such thing as too many sports bras, shoes or even hooded active wear. What makes the sports section at Zazzle even better for you to choose is that the clothes do not necessarily have to be won to the gym. The active wear is versatile enough to be incorporated in your everyday wear. 

A Photo Book

Is she a new mommy? Then there is a 90 percent of her time taking photos of the newborn. New mommies can hardly stay away from their toddlers. They want to capture every moment before the little one outgrows their arms. A photo book from shutterfly is a great gift to help her organize those memories.


If you have absolutely no idea of what to get her, go for shoes. You can never go wrong with shoes. Women love new shoes and, however mad at you she is, designer shoes will make for the perfect apology. Shoes Warehouse has shoes for every season, from wedges, to pointy heels and boots, and comfortable canvas. 


Girls can never have enough accessories. There is always something to get her that will fit perfectly into her routine. For this year’s, Friendship month, you can get her earrings, rings, bracelets, and watches from Suzy Shier. If you are unsure of her preferences, a gift voucher should suffice. 


From beautifully designed handbags to totes, and clutch bags, the guys at Suzy Shier have them all. Surprise her this year by giving her a bag, or three for all she has been to you. They have an amazing array of colors and designers, meaning that anything you buy her from there will be unique and tasteful. 

Unique Pieces for The Home

Most people only think in the lines of shoes and clothes when shopping for their women friends. You could choose to take a different route and get her some amazing pieces for her home instead. You could get her some colorful throws pillows, runners for a bed or a table, antique lampshades, art pieces, fleece blankets, or decanters. The list here is inexhaustible especially when you have so many choices under one roof. Check out JYSK and get our coupon codes and deals

Personalized gifts

Items such as personalized mugs could be underestimated, but they are a beautiful reminder to the bearer of the gift that someone put thought into the gift. Apart from the regular mugs, you can customize chopping boards, towels, photo frames, mason jars, watches, and wine glasses. At Shutter Fly, the possibilities are endless. 


We saved the best for last! Women are a beautiful creation that come indifferent sizes and shapes. It should come as no surprise that they love to look and feel beautiful. Clothes are our way of appreciating our bodies. This September, one way of making her feel loved is by spending some money on her at  Joe Fresh where will have a  wide selection of apparel, from cashmere to beautiful underwear and gowns. 

You can make this year memorable by honoring the Women Friendship month with the above beautiful, heart-warming gifts. If you opt to make the purchases on either of the stated stores, you may consider using our coupon deals for better and affordable prices. 

Sep 13, 2016