Instantly Pretty with Lace

When most people hear the word lace, the first thing that comes to mind is apparel. This delicate fabric has been in use since the 1400s when the Italians made it popular. Its origin is a controversial subject, but most importantly, the world discovered lace and realized how important it could be in adornments. The world soon caught up with the lace craze and more countries in Europe started using it. It later spread to North America and continued its popularity surge. Several years, we see world-top designers outdo each other in using it to come up with beautiful designs. 

September 24th is International Lace Day all over the world. The world recognizes this day by parading beautiful and unique things that only this delicate material could make. This beautiful product is quite versatile and can be used to make several things that a creative mind can put together, including:

Covers for Lampshades

For the love of art, you could make some covers for lampshades using lace. Lampshades need transparent material so that the illumination of the lamp is not distracted, and lace is ideal. You could choose a coloured material for it to create a beautiful illusion in the room. Making a lampshade dressing using lace is quite simple. It does not require a lot of material and it is quite easy to put together.  Check out this covers from ebay

Lace Cuffs

Lace has been used for several years to make wedding gowns. As we get more creative, the idea has shifted to jewellery. It would surprise you to know that you could make a beautiful handcuff from lace, using readily available material like pearls, gemstones, needle and thread, and gemstone glue. The lace material would feature permanently as it is the main item. Thread the gemstones together to form lines of continuous beads with patterns that suit your liking. Using the gemstone glue, place them carefully on the lace fabric and glue them onto it. Again, the patterns that the pearls and gemstones take are to your discretion. Add a clasp to finish it off. The resultant jewel will be reasonably prices, beautiful and timeless. 

Lace on The Edges Of Pillows

You can take a few throw pillows and adorn their ends with lace. Instead of the conventional ends that are drab and artless, some frills could make a difference. It is a DYI project that sonly takes a few of your hours and dollars. On the ends of the pillows, line the lace perfectly then sew it neatly. None will be the wiser when you tell them you got the pillows from a vintage store. Get your DIY tools from amazon

Vintage Handbags

Old is gold, which explains why most things that were used in the 60s are making a comeback. A sling bag is cool as it is, but a little lace could give it that vintage look that makes you stand out from the crowd. When lace is woven on the outer surface of the bag, either on all of it or one some parts of the bag, it gives it an instant makeover.   


Parasols have been used traditionally especially on weddings. These beautiful little umbrella wannabes can be made from lace to make them even more adorable than their teeny tiny size makes them. Parasols are made for different occasions, and so their colors can be dictated by the purpose since lace is available in various variations of color.   

Table runners

They make for beautiful table runners, especially if draped against a dark tablecloth or the naked mahogany table. White and off-white lace is especially beautiful for this particular project. You can go on and make beautiful place mats for the dining table. Fir this, you would need material that is firm so that the place mats stay in place. Lace also makes great sheers for the curtains. There are so many ways to experiment with this fabric so do not be shy to try what works for your home. 

Cover For Candleholders

These have to be some of the most adorable lace items ever made. The candleholder as is can be quite dull and without inspiration. When you decide to add some colour into it and place some lace on it. The whole thing changes to beautiful art. Since lace comes in different colors, you can choose any color that you want depending on the ambience you want to create. In line with that, you can have an ordinary flower vase covered with lace to come up with some beautiful artwork. You can have them form a beautiful centrepiece during dinner. 

Wedding Gowns, Brooches, And Hair Pins

Every bride has specific needs for their wedding. Most little girls have ideas of what they want to look like when they get married and these young dreams only take shape as they grow but hardly change much. Gowns are a tradition that has been carried forward since time immemorial. Most of them are made of lace as it has also been used from the 1400s. Lace makes beautiful gowns and flower holders. It also makes simple and unique hairpins that the bride can march with her gown. A hairpin can be simply made by attaching the lace material to the pin using glue. Brooches have lost their popularity as accessories, but like all classic items, they are making a comeback. Some celebrities are popularizing them again and they will soon be the in vogue. Steal their look from forever 21

It goes without saying that lace makes beautiful underwear. The underwear is not just decorative, the material is breathable and a good choice for all the right reasons. Maybe the most important of them all is that it is easy on the eyes.  It also makes for sexy wear. You can buy lace and make most of the above items by yourself as they are quite easy to make, or you can save yourself the trouble and buy the final product from shops online. Most of these shops have beautiful lace gowns for every occasion and some attractive underwear that you can hardly find anywhere else. What’s more, you can shop till you drop with their coupon deals this September in honor of the International Lace Day. 

Sep 21, 2016