Magical Reading Spots in Canada

Reading is fun, and a serious book lover can drown several books a day in search of knowledge. Thinking to read new books but having trouble on searching for the perfect place which has a conducive environment?. In most cases, most of these bookworms prefer locking themselves in their bedrooms to at least get some silence necessary for reading. Who said it have to be this way all the time?

In Canada, there are a variety of amazing places perfect for anyone studying for exams or just casual reading. From top notch public libraries, bookstores, hotels, coffee shops and other serene spots specially created to take you to a land of imagination in your reading adventure. Below are some notable spots, some of which you might be aware of already while others are worth the discovery.

Vancouver Public Library

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Do you know that the town of Vancouver was recently ranked the most well-read city in Canada- thanks to this public library located in the heart of the city? Again, in 2003, Vancouver Public Library was named the best in the world. The library is accessible daily from 10 am to 9 pm by the public in British Columbia and beyond. The cool building design inspired by the Roman Coliseum heightens the urge for book lovers to read even more. The fact that, readers can borrow books and read while at the library makes it an ideal place for all generations. True to the word, Vancouver is a great community resource for every Canadian book lover, and its location makes accessibility even better. This place is the best place to study. Students! get your discount and deals for your book by using this amazon's discount and deals for students

Cootes Paradise in Hamilton

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Cootes Paradise is mainly associated with hiking and trails. The place is no doubt a paradise- a combination of green environment and waters. The breeze from the trees is breathtaking, and the serene and quiet atmosphere makes a perfect place to take you to a magical adventure in your reading spree. Some book lovers often prefer taking a walk or a jog in the beautiful narrow paths of the paradise before getting a comfortable spot to read. Whichever option interests you, Cootes Paradise in Hamilton, Ontario is a place you should definitely visit.

Saskatoon McNally Robinson Bookstore

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If you have been in Canada for a while, you definitely must have heard of this bookstore. It happens to be the largest Indie bookstore in the country. The store serves as a perfect spot for readers looking for new books, reading a book you already have or holding author events. The store is marked with comfortable chairs and a café where you can order some coffee and croissants as you immerse yourself in a virtual world.

Stanley Park in Vancouver

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Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Stanley Park is not just a tourist attraction but also a favorite place for bike riders. Moreover, book lovers have found it a magical place to read their latest copies at the side of the epic sea wall. The benches at the park, green grass, and the beautiful beach make it an attractive spot any book lover across the globe would love to visit. Get yourself a picnic blanket from JYSK by using our coupon before going here so you can lay down on that beautiful grass

The Cape D’ Or Lighthouse in Nova Scotia

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Many people dream of visiting Nova Scotia. It comes as no surprise due to the presence of numerous lakes, long coastlines, kayaking activities as well as the whale, seal and puffins watching. For book lovers, the experience is even better. The Cape D’ Or Lighthouse located in this province is a perfect spot for anyone who love reading in a lighthouse with sounds of the ocean tides in the background. Although to access the lighthouse you have to hike some cliffs, it becomes all worth it when you get there. The lighthouse itself has a restaurant where you can order some coffee and a snack to keep you reading more. You also have the option of either reading while seated on the perfectly maintained grass or by the beach. 

Pages on Kensington in Alberta

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If what you need is to purchase a good book to read at your convenient place, don’t hesitate to visit this bookstore in Alberta-Calgary. They stock a variety of new books ranging from general interest, art, children books, literary as well as regional copies. The staff is also well versed with different titles fit for their customers. You are therefore assured of them looking into their vast database for the copy you want, and if it’s not in stock, they suggest other titles that match your interest.

Le Neuf in Toronto

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If you love reading amidst some mild music, then Le Neuf café in the heart of Toronto should be your place. Whether you are working on a school essay or need to finish your favorite Daniel Steel copy,  this French-themed café has it all sorted. The best part is that you can order some snacks and cappuccino as you quench the bookish knowledge down your brain. However, the café’s operating hours are limited, and they do not open on Mondays. All the same, it’s a spot worth a mention and one you should be visiting soon.  

Canada is a reading country. The citizens will indulge in reading materials anytime they come across them. Unfortunately, most of them are unaware of spectacular spots where they can have a magical reading experience. Although reading can be done anywhere, there is something special reading at a serene environment away from distracters. Above is a non-exhaustive list of some of the spots you can experience this in Canada. The best part with most of these places is that they combine adventure and your reading habit. If any of the above spots appear unfamiliar to you, be sure to look them up. 

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Aug 8, 2016