Pokémon Hunt Preparation

Let us start by demystifying Pokémon Go, shall we? By now, you must have heard about the newest game in town that has brought the world to a standstill. Well, almost. People are still trying to create a balance between playing this addictive game and running their daily duties. The game, which was only released in most parts of the world barely a month ago, involves catching some cute little monsters called Pokémon. You can download the game app from the various play stores in both android and apple gadgets. When you log into play, the game has few, very basic instructions. You learn the most of it from the online community or through your expeditions. The community thing is the one aspect of this game that gives it an edge over the rest. It brings together players from different continents as they aim at doing one thing- the Pokémon hunt.

Photo Credit: attackofthefanboy.com

Before you embark on the hunt, there are a few things to consider:

•    Your safety and of those around you-remember the game requires you to walk as you search for the Pokémon characters. Be sure to steer clear of moving objects or of bumping into other people. 

•    Battery life-The game consumes a lot of battery power. It may exert your phone’s battery beyond what is normal. You could disable the apps that consume too much power if you do not need them. Besides, dimming the light on the screen would not be a bad idea. 

•    Carry a power bank as your battery may die on you before getting a chance to recharge it. Check out these cool power bank from eBay and use our coupon codes and deals  

Now you are ready to hunt some monsters!

Other Tips When Preparing For the Hunt

•    Ensure that your phone is always switched on. If it goes to sleep, then the game will be halted. Stay on the game by keeping the screen on at all times. 

•    The game is fun, especially when you play it with your friends. When you meet up, you can find a pokestop where you can set up allure module and attract lots of Pokémon characters. You all benefit and have fun together. Besides, there is safety in numbers.  

•    The game uses real-time information on your location. It will show you the Pokémon that is available near you. On your phone’s setting, select the offline map option so that the app will no longer need to use data while accessing your location. Doing this ensures that the data usage remains low and this extends your battery life. 

•    The game does not have much information on how to play. You can counter this by clicking on the question mark ball that you find on the game’s menu. Use that as your guide. 

•    In the spirit of staying safe, do not drive during the hunt. Instead, hop on a bus or train and the monsters will follow you. Catch as many of them as you can during your self-drive. 

During the hunt

With those tips, you are ready to jump into the game. As you start your quest, note that:

•    Make Pikachu your preferred starter Pokémon. The professor will give you a choice between Bulbasaur Squirtle, and Charmander, The reason why Pikachu is preferred is that it is a more superior Pokémon. The thing to do here, since Pikachu is not one of the Pokémon offered, is to walk away from the three characters until Pikachu appears. Capture Pikachu to be your starter Pokémon. 

•    Find out from the online community what you need to do to ensure that your Pokémon do not disappear when you close in on them. One of the ways to do this is to reduce the green circle within which they are enclosed. When the circle is smaller, they have a slimmer chance of getting away. 

•    Do not stock up on weak Pokémon. Send them to the Professor so that you can gain candies to grow the stronger ones. Only keep in your stable the strongest Pokémon. 

Moving On To More Rare Pokémon

As the game progresses, you realize that there are far more challenging creatures than the ones that have been captured. How do you gain access to these rare and legendary monsters? Well, there is some legwork to be done, pokefanatic. It has been rumored that the game developer is intentionally holding back Legendary Pokémon until further release or event in November 2016. However, Rare Pokémon is out there somewhere. 

Players have noted that some specific Pokémon appear only when some conditions are right, such as:

•   Proximity to a water body.

•   In an area where there are few players or hunters.

•   Near certain landmarks.

Since there is no proper definition of ‘Rare Pokémon,’ all the above could be termed as rare. Just find the perfect spot to do your hunting. 

Some other ways to tell whether the Pokémon near you are scarce include:

•    Use the ‘nearby’ menu on the bottom-left corner of your screen. The option shows you where the Pokémon characters are hiding and how far they are from you.  

•    Know how the rare monsters are shaped. With this information, you can tell them from their silhouettes. It is said that the forms borrow from the initial list of 150 Pokémon. Internalize the shapes of the monsters on this list and you are halfway to conquering the battle of rare monsters.  

There may be nothing else there is to find if you master the key to the rare ones, but hopefully, you will have enough challenges to keep you interested until the game developers come up with new ones. 

This year, 2016, has clearly changed our perspective. Gone are the days when people wondered what to do with their lunch breaks, well, apart from eating. Nowadays, you will be lucky to find two people having a conversation. It is a small miracle when the food makes it safely from the plate to the mouth without a detour through the nose. Nevertheless, on a lighter note, play is good for everyone. After all, all work and no play makes us all grumpy. 

Happy hunting! 

Aug 8, 2016