Seven Accidents Pokémon Go has caused

Now and then, a technological invention takes the world by storm. Some storms last the night while some refuse to go away! This time, a game downloaded on the phone and played virtually anywhere has refused to die down. Men and women are ditching their plans and responsibilities to catch Pokémon characters in the real life. It sounds crazy, no? How should one neglect their duties to catch a thrill? If this information comes as a surprise to you, then you have not been paying much attention to the craze that has caught the world in unison in the barely a month. Nor have you obsessed friends who have been sending numerous annoying invites to play the game on social media. It is all good if you have not been receiving the invites, though. They are persistent and annoying, and if you were the kind that is quickly caught in a whirlwind, you would give in eventually, if only to satisfy your curiosity and to get your nagging friends off you back. 

Playing a game is not a bad idea in the least. It only becomes a concern when it reduces your productivity or causes you to be careless on the road. In the advent of this fun game, people have transformed into walking zombies, only interested in catching the said characters and nothing more. You see, the game requires people to walk from place to place searching for the Pokémon characters, and collecting them. Unfortunately, this gaming experience has brought about crazy yet absurd incidences across the globe. Have a look at this;

Osaka Japan, Three Hours after Pokémon Release. 

In Japan, an accident occurred barely three hours into the release of the game. An overexcited student from Kindai University in Osaka was chasing down Pokémon when he fell off the stairs. The results were a bloodied face and probably wounded ego, if only for a moment. The mystery about this game is that it is so addictive that the players get right back into the game even after the accidents. 

Crash in Baltimore, USA

In Baltimore, a cab driver exhibited a heightened level of carelessness. He was on the wheels of his cab while playing the game at the same time. Now, everyone knows better than to use their phones while driving, lest they get into an accident or in the hands of the boys in blue. This cab driver learned the hard way that day. He crashed right into a parked cop’s car! Luckily, the officers we not inside the car and hence there were no fatalities. We do not think he will be playing Pokémon Go anytime soon, despite the addictiveness with the game. 

Cliff Fall California, USA

In California, two young men fell off a cliff while playing Pokémon. One of them landed on the bluffs 50 feet below while the other one landed 80 feet below the surface. You are probably wondering how that happened. Picture this: You are tracking cute little monsters with your phone, the instructions being to capture them all. What do you do? You go where the thrill takes you. You head to the edge of the cliff since that is where the rarest of the monsters is hiding.  And then bum! The gravity force sends you down the cliff.

Car Crash in New York

In Auburn New York, a driver got caught up in the game and forgot the first rule of safety while driving. He drove his car into a tree. The driver escaped unhurt, luckily, but this shows total disregard for safety. It is certainly the dumbest thing to do, driving while under the influence of a thrilling game. The law should have more severe forms of punishment for such behavior than the regular ticket. 

Woman Stuck On a Tree, New Jersey

A young woman got herself in a mess when she got stuck atop a tree. In a bid to catch some precious Pokémon monsters, she had walked into a cemetery and followed the allure of the monsters up a tree. She could not get herself down and had to call the fire department to help her to safe ground. To say the least, she was embarrassed and probably reminded herself to carry a ladder next time she went on her excursions. 

A girl hit by bus, Pittsburg

In Pittsburg, a girl was so into the game that she crossed the road to an area that she hardly ventures, all this in the name of catching some monsters. On her way back, a bus hit her but luckily, she only maintained a few scratches. Though the injuries were minor, they were enough to catch her parents’ fury. They said that the game had changed her character and turned her into a walking zombie, with little regard to anything else rather than her precious phone. What happened to the good old days when play meant getting out of the house and running around with fellow humans, we wonder.

A woman meets the dead in Wyoming

Last on our list of unusual incidents caused by Pokémon is a bizarre incident where a woman found a dead body while in her monster-retrieving adventure. She was walking by the riverbanks when she saw something floating on the water. Upon closer inspection, she recognized it as a dead body. The police retrieved it and confirmed that it was indeed a body of a young male. We are sure the incidence was traumatizing to the Pokémon gamer who found the body. Was it enough to jeep her off the game, though? We are not certain. 

While there is nothing wrong with ‘experiencing the newest game in the globe there is everything wrong about being careless while at it. Gamers should stay safe and avoid inconveniencing others with Pokémon obsession. The thrill may not die down soon. In fact, the developers of the game may come up with even more evolved plans to keep their players glued. Isn’t that what a good a game developer does? We, however, hope that they could disable the ability of players to be in the game while driving or skateboarding. They could even include features that warn the players of water bodies. That is up to the developers though. In the meantime, stay safe while catching pokémon. 

Aug 2, 2016