The Five Best Pecan Pies in Canada

Pie is undoubtedly a favorite dessert to many. It has been here for ages and keeps getting better with time. Pies have their origin back in the 18th century when the Egyptian traders were looking for ways to nourish themselves on the sea, without carrying too much food onboard. In their quest to get something light but filling, they invented the magical pie, making it easy to make and healthy. Times have evolved, and the pie has changed from the dull and flat 18th-century edition to present day Marvel. New flavors are created every day to improve the ones we already have, which is great for variety. Presently, there are several types of pies in the world. Anyone could come up with a recipe and brand it pie as long as it meets the requirements. 

In Canada, pies have for centuries a favorite in many households. However, time has proven that one particular flavor is there to stay in this great nation- Pecan pie is no humble pie. This syrupy dessert keeps winning! Here, we look at the top 5 favorite Pecan pie varieties for Canadians.

 Maple Pecan Pie


This one pie has a tantalizing flavor and aroma that miraculously tends to bring back floods of sweet memories. The pie’s ingredients that include maple syrup, corn syrup, pecans, melted butter, vanilla extracts, brown sugar, salt, and eggs give it its signature sweet and delightful flavor. Other than that, the maple pie is super moist, when well done. The pie's crusty nature makes it homely way reminding you of how much warmth home represents. The pie is easy to make, with ingredients readily available throughout the country. As an accompaniment, you can make a flaky pastry that is made of flour, cake flour, cold butter, shortening, and some salt to balance the taste. Most Canadians vote Maple pecan pie as their favorite mainly because of its ease of eating, amazing flavor and the moist crispy crust that bursts in the mouth with every single bite.

Butterscotch Pecan Pie


Butterscotch pecan pie takes second place because of its nutty taste and crispy crust. The collaboration of butter, pecans, syrup, vanilla, and corn syrup blend in together to bring out a beautiful slice of goodness. You can also add whipped cream to the mixture to make it heavier and enhance the flavors. The butter combined with milk and cream make for a sweet final product. The crust is filled to cover the pie, giving it an appealing covered look, but beneath the brown cover is a delightful burst of flavors. Many people who have tried this say it’s their go-to pie when they want to feel special and loved. It only takes about 35 minutes to prepare and make, but the memory of it lasts until the next time you are lucky to have it again. It is easy to make, and the final product hardly disappoints. You are likely to find this pie in many Canadian households as an accompaniment to a special meal, or for special occasions such as birthdays.

Pecan Cream Pie


The one thing that stands out about the pecan cream pie is the additional sweetness from whipped cream. The cream makes it heavy, moist, and yummy. The pie is made using easily available ingredients that include pecans, milk, whipped cream, vanilla extracts, sugar, and eggs. This delectable dessert takes only about 40 minutes to prepare and make. The pie's filled crust is crunchy yet soft. The product within the crust is a mixture of different complimenting flavors that awaken the taste buds. Most people add nuts to introduce a flavorful and nutty experience that goes well with the savory cream and vanilla extracts. When all these are mixed, they create an enjoyable experience. The final product is puffed and lightly brown.   

Rumrunner's Pecan Pie 


How about indulging in something entirely different at least this once? This rummy pie’s heavenly taste makes it get a slot in the top five list. Besides rum, which is the primary ingredient in the making of the pie, other active ingredients include flour, corn syrup and sugar, pecans, butter, vanilla, milk, eggs. Rum changes the entire pie game, moving it from a regular pie to something more rebel. However, having rum in the pie does not make it an alcoholic food item that will get you drunk; it only enhances the taste of the pie, bringing out the flavors from the other additions too. After making the batter with flour and eggs, you can add your rum together with the corn syrup, melted butter, sugar, and vanilla. The quantity of the rum will solely depend on the person making this pie. But worth to note is that the more rum you add, the runnier your pie will be.  

Chocolate Pecan Pie with Bourbon


When it comes to pies that defy the norm, Canadians believe that chocolate pecan pie with bourbon is the ultimate win. The pie has two exciting components; chocolate and bourbon that give it a distinct taste. Most Canadians love chocolate. Bourbon is also well loved, and that explains its position in the pie favorites. This crusty and warming pie is a precise definition of what happens when we play with different components and experiment with them outside the normal boundaries. It is a creative way of combining chocolate and bourbon. When making this pie, you will require sugar, pecans, melted butter, corn syrup, chocolate chips, bourbon, and salt to bring out a great taste. The baking and preparation process takes just 45 minutes. The final product is aromatic and chocolaty, with an excellent dose of the essence. The bourbon brings out the flavors in the other ingredients, as well as giving a delightful taste balance to the sweet pie. 

Pecan pies are no doubt a deserved favorite food item in Canada. The pecan pie is a favorite part of the meal across the country because apart from being easy to make, it is a delightful and healthy dessert. It requires ingredients that are easy to find in the grocery stores. Check out our coupon discount and deals from Walmart. If you're thinking to have a pecan pie party, don't forget to prepare your best cutlery. Don't have any? no worries! check out swee cutlery from JYSK and don't forget to use our coupon codes and deal for JYSK

Jul 12, 2016