Top 5 Amazing Dishes Created with coffee

Let us take coffee break and discuss something that we all love, shall we? Coffee; aromatic, black, and tasty! There are so many qualities that this beverage possesses which makes us love it like we do. We know you are used to your morning fix that gives you clarity to start the day; but did you know that apart from beverages you can make some tasty meals out of coffee? 

The black fix that you have to drink first thing in the morning to kick-start your day has more uses than the conventional one. Grown from the highlands of South America and Africa to North America, the land of perennial coffee addicts, this favorite beverage has more uses than one. 

Before we line up the heart-warming dishes that you can make using coffee, let us look into some history of the black bean. It was first discovered in Ethiopia, in the 10th Century. Native Ethiopians discovered that it was an energy-boosting drink before the world came to appreciate its potential. From those ancient times, the coffee plant became a major discovery and the two popular varieties Arabica and Robusta were found in more parts of the world, including East and North Africa, Yemen, and parts of South America. Your favorite coffee beans take a long route before they make it your kitchen so do them a favor and make the most of them. 

You can make some delicious treats using coffee as your primary ingredient, from breakfast ideas to dinners and desserts. Next time you buy a packet of gourmet coffee, go to your kitchen, prepare your cooking equipment that you can get from kitchen stuff plus, and consider some of these delights:  

Coffee-Rubbed Rib Eye


Rib-eye in itself is an amazing dish, but add coffee to it and you come up with a complex taste that will complement the marinade of your choice. The best way to incorporate the coffee is through the spice rub that you can make as your marinade containing other herbs such as ground ginger, pepper, and mustard. Rub the mixture on your steak, ensuring that all parts are covered, and then bake it. The coffee not only gives it the aroma, but also adds flavors that play on your taste buds for a while. 

Green Salad with Coffee Dressing


Salads are versatile because you can make them with any ingredient that you fancy. What makes them even better are the options you have for dressing. Want to move away from the regular dressings? Try coffee Vinaigrette, which you can make using honey, vinegar, and espresso. Once you have whisked these three ingredients to a consistency, add olive oil and season with salt and pepper. You can make a salad of your choice using the ingredients in season, and then dress it with this unique mixture. If you are adjusting to the taste of salads, this dressing could have you considering a vegan lifestyle. Your taste buds will thank you. 

Coffee cake


Cake is a favorite dessert item and a major part of celebrations. It is not a birthday or a wedding without cake. How would you like to try this moist and rich delight for your birthday? A coffee cake is made with just enough coffee to keep you energized for the entire day, and night maybe. Nevertheless, it is your birthday! Break a few rules and enjoy it to the last bite. The coffee basically forms part if the ingredients and is to be added during preparation. Add one cup brewed coffee to make this rich and moist dessert or birthday treat that everyone will enjoy. You can throw a twist into it by adding sour cream. The resulting taste will definitely catch you by surprise, as coffee and sour cream come together to form the perfect distraction to your calorie-counting routine. 

Hazelnut Butter & Coffee Meringues


I do not love dessert, said no one ever! Do you know what you can make with one cup of hazel nuts, eggs, cream of tartar, sugar, and two tablespoons of ground coffee beans? This moist and sinfully delicious dessert. It does not take much time to prepare and bake (30 minutes for preparation and baking). Given that the main ingredient is hazel nuts, the butter and coffee meringues are a delicious course on their own. However, coffee makes a huge difference in making it the successful dessert that it presents. It only requires a few tablespoons of coffee, depending on the quantity that you are making, so it is safe for younger people as well. 

Caramelized Coffee-Spiced Chicken


Chicken is already delicious and healthy however you make it. Now, when you add two tablespoons of ground coffee to your marinade, you are guaranteed to make it even better and to add it to your list of favorite foods. Typically, you will require balsamic vinegar, water, orange juice, brown sugar, scallions, and the coffee to make the marinade. Mix all the ingredients well until they are perfectly mixed, and then rub the marinade on the chicken. For the marinade to settle in properly, keep the chicken in the fridge for a minimum of one hour. Remove it and bake it on medium until cooked. You can choose the period to let it stay in the fridge as the longer it stays the better the marinade settles.  The coffee and sugar contrast and complement to create a balance of sweet and savory. 

How fun are those recipes ideas? Those could be great for family dinner, or family weekend food galore. Your family will be surprised with the involvement of the coffee in your dishes. Perfect dished should also have perfect serving. Find yourself a pretty set of plates and tableware on JYSK or Costco and we can guarantee you a great coffee dishes experience.


Sep 28, 2016