Trendy Guide for Music Festival

It is summer again, and the music festivals are on. Summer festivals happen from the month of July to September. They are an exciting part of the year that no one wants to miss.  Live music, dance competitions,  marathon running, art fests, kids play areas, lots of food,  hiking, biking, roller coasters, water slides, live concerts and extravaganzas are just but few of the activities that are in the line-up for you in this year’s summer festivals. 

Being a hot part of the year, you don’t want to feel like an overstuffed bear or even choke with warmth this festival. Here, we shall guide you on the perfect clothes for the music festival and in the process be comfortable and remain stylish. Your summer music festival should be an unforgettable experience. 

The following summer festival items will make you look trendy and fashionable, and you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Denim and Jeans

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You can never go wrong with denim in this hot weather since it’s resilient. You can rock the usual denim shorts, but you can choose to take your style a notch higher by rocking colored denim that is different from the usual blue jean cut-offs. You may consider patched and worn-in looking jeans as they present a chic yet casual look as you hang around this summer.Need we convince you more? Denim maxis and dungaree come in handy when you want to feel all girlish. Forever21 might be the perfect place for you to find these items. Check out our coupon codes and deals for forever 21


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They are the best item, which you can pair up with jeans, maxi skirts or mini skirts. A breezy top would be the perfect outfit. Choose a relaxed, loose fitting one that won’t end up clinging to your body when the temperatures escalate. Crop tops, denim cut-offs, and tank-tops will also bring out the edgy and classic you. A checkered shirt could also stand in for this kind of tops. Even better, you can combine it with a variety of clothing and accessories. 


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This being a sunny and exciting period, fun-looking dresses with floral and prints are a must have. And being a music festival, you are spoilt for choice. Keep the mood sober but not somber. So, choose subdued patterns and floral in maxis or mini-dresses that shout the cool-girl vibe out to the next neighborhood. For dresses, the win is to go for attractive colors. Denim or lace maxi dress would also be a great item that will keep people looking your way with envy. You just can’t go wrong with this. Check out some gorgeous dresses from abercombie and fitch and as well - don't forget to check out our coupon codes and deals for abercombie and fitch


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Sandals are the best footwear for any summer occasion, and that includes the music festival. When the heat takes effect, you will be ultimately thankful for them. You have a variety to choose from for this season of sweaty feet. Lace-up sandals, hyper-decorated flat gladiators. If you don’t screaming colors, then the neutral-toned and nude sandals will work for you. And the best part is that they can be paired with a variety of accessories and clothing.


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A summer music festival costume is not enough without a hat. There is something about hats that nothing else can replace.  Straw hats will come in handy to rock your style. Cowboy hats, fedoras, and caps would also be a great idea. They will help you block out the hot sun while you are totally looking chic and all glammed up.

Sun Glasses

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They make the perfect combination with hats and caps to ensure you pull off that desired ultra-modern look. Choose glasses that guarantee you 100% UV protection to ensure you perfectly shield your eyes from the harsh and harmful Ultra-Violet sunrays. Finally, don’t forget to carry your sunscreen with you for ultimate protection from sun burns.

Boots and booties

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Yes, shoes matter, but mostly, boots and booties matter for a summer music festival. It would never feel like a music festival if style staples like cowboy boots and ankle length booties were missing. Please do not over-do them. They are perfect for a country-music gig. For the ankle length booties, you could really stand out by combining them with over the knee socks. You can also wear with leather boot and booties with denim micro-shorts.


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This is one accessory that won’t ever fail you, no matter how much underrated it is. For the summer festivals, choose brightly colored/ floral, thin scarves to add that glam to the upper part of your body. You can pair them up with anything; shirts, tops, and even maxi dresses


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You will need this for carrying your items around and keeping them safe. There is no reason to bring an overwhelmingly large bag for the festival. A cross body leather, cloth bag or a small backpack will work perfectly fine. You can either go for neutral colors or opt for floral and colorful pieces. The choice is yours. Check out some cute bags from Old Navy. Don't forget to use our coupon code and deals for Old Navy

Picnic Blankets and Rugs 

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It is essential that you have the best picnic rug to roll our when the sun shines during the outdoor events. Rugs aren’t an option when you need to rest your tired feet from all the dancing and fun. Instead of sprawling on the grass during the festival, find comfort with a stylish picnic blanket.  Choose one that is easy to fold or roll for carrying around. Colorful floral or prints and patterns will work perfectly to brighten up your festive mood. You can find tons of pretty picnic blankets and rugs in JYSK. Don't miss our coupon codes and deals for JYSK

Water bottle

This is summer, so you can be sure that it will be hot out there. Countless hours during the summer music festivals will take a toll on your health if you don't stay hydrated. Do yourself a favor and get a refillable water bottle to keep you refreshed all the time. This will save the earth in return because you won’t have to keep buying multiple bottles of water anytime you need to quench your thirst. 


This list is not exhaustive, but bearing in mind these items is sure to make your summer music festival worth your time and effort. Keep note of these, and go on and have your fun, won’t you?


Aug 8, 2016