What To Do On International Literacy Day

September 8th is the day that the world celebrates the International Literacy day. On this day, people and organizations pledge to do their part in helping the developing world reach higher levels of literacy. This year, the focus is on ensuring that more of the schools in the developing world gain access to digital platforms of education. This day is observed by all UN member states. 

History of the International Literacy Day

UNESCO summarizes this day with the mantra, “Reading the Past, Writing the Future.” It believes that it is only through education that the world can eradicate extreme poverty and fight inequalities, whether gender or racial. The noble task of equipping every man and woman with the ability to read and write started in September 7, 1965, in Iran. For the last 50 years, the organization has mobilized communities to embrace adult literacy so that they could be in a position of power in making decisions that affect their lives and the lives of their children. It has not been without its fair share of political upheaval. Cultural opposition has characterized the journey to this day, but UNESCO and the other parties involved have speared on. 

Statistically, about 775 million of people in the world lack the basic literacy skills. One in every five people is illiterate. The numbers show that two thirds of those affected by illiteracy are women. The most affected regions in the world are West and South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Arab States. The statistics also show that the most affected countries are not open to women empowerment.  

If you are privileged to have easy access to education, you should feel grateful that you are not among the masses in the previous statistics. There are countries in the world that lack the necessities to equip themselves with quality education. This year, you have the chance to change that and to help a child, man, and woman in the developing nation go to school. Every year has its theme. Last years’ theme was “Literacy and Sustainable Societies.” This year, the theme is “Education For the 21st Century.”

You can contribute through:

Buying Books and Other Reading Materials

Teacher in the developing nations lack the material for teaching their subjects. The syllabus in the world does not differ by much and any material that you can send to them could move them to a new level of teaching. The digital platform is still taking off in most of the schools in the developing world, and soft copies of books from book outlet are not a viable idea now.


This year’s theme is to explore the possibilities of improving the digital learning platform in schools. It is possible to equip students with their own mini laptops that could give them more access to the virtual world and a fair advantage with the kids in the developed nations. One way to contribute to the course is through buying a solar charged laptop and sending your donation to the World Literacy Foundation. There is power in numbers, so if you could manage to convince your friends that this would be one of the most noble acts they could ever do for humanity, there would be more laptops for the kids in a small village in India.  Check out our coupon code and deals from Dell and NewEgg

Sponsor a Child

The children in some of the poorest parts in the world have no access to education because they can barely afford the little money charged as fees in the schools. The only choice they have left is to stay at home and watch as their friends go to school. Some government in the developing nations have subsidized education or made it free; but even with that, some parents still cannot afford it. VFV’s sponsorship program gives you a chance to send a child to school. The contribution that you make pays for their uniform, weekly groceries for lunch, school trips, weekly tutorials, health checkups, and so much more. 


Te children in the developing world are very smart. They work so hard to excel in education because they believe that education is the only chance they have to break the cycle of poverty in their families. The hard work results in them getting good grades to grant them places in universities which they can barely afford. You can make a change in a child’s life by giving them the chance to further their education by offering them a scholarship, either locally or abroad. 

Become a volunteer

When you read some things on the papers or on the internet, you hardly relate to them because they sound far-fetched. It is hard to envision a school with no roof in the middle nowhere, or to picture children studying under the shade of a tree. All these are difficult to envision because you have probably never set foot to the Philippines or Africa. Taking part in the team that sensitizes he world on the value of education would be a great way to see the world and to contribute to a course that would change someone’s life forever. Pangea Educational Development helps build schools and change lives in Uganda, through Volunteer Work in Uganda. They are open to applications and accept people who can help build capacity. In Philippines, the rural schools are underfunded and understaffed. They could use a teacher or two in their English department as well as in other subjects. 

The world has a shortage of people with intentions to do good. What you deem to be contribution of no consequence could go a long way in improving the life of a child and paving a better future for them and the generations after them. In the meantime, you can put a small smile on a child’s face by buying them a gift to let them know that someone form the other side of the world thinks of them. From  beautifully designed back-backs, shoes, clothes and personalized gifts that could suit any occasion. If you hurry, you could take advantage of their coupon code and deals from our site. 

Sep 8, 2016