What is Savvy Beaver?

Savvy Beaver is the fastest growing coupon code website in Canada, allowing shoppers to find all the 

latest deals and discounts in one spot. It's operated by a small and dedicated team whose goal is to 

provide the most efficient and cost effective shopping experience on web.

The brand was launched in late 2015 during the expansion of the Coupofy family of websites, 

utilizing the same great platform that has already taken the internet by storm. Canadians are now 

able to browse and search a continually updated selection of coupons, for all major and minor online 

stores that ship to Canada.

Where Will I Work?

Although Canada-centric, Savvy Beaver is a 100% distributed operation that fully embraces the 

digital nomad lifestyle. The individuals that make up our team are from all over the world, many who 

travel while they work. Your office is where you make it, and it doesn't have to be an office at all. 

From your couch to a cafe, to the beach, we encourage you to work wherever you are the most 

comfortable and inspired.

We keep in touch via email, Skype and other digital communications, respecting multiple timezones 

and work hours. As long as you can offer creativity and enthusiasm, the working day is what you 

make it.

Current Jobs

Marketing Internship Canada