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eHarmony is a private company that specialized in online dating. The main objective of this site is to connect single ladies and gentlemen who are interested in long-term relationships. The company has an exceptional matching process, which is based on your personality. You will be required to answer a number of questions through questionnaires so that you traits may come out strongly and this will be used to find you a perfect match. eHarmony was launched in the year 2000 and operates from Los Angeles in California. Use the eHarmony Canada promo code, to interact with members from over 150 countries.

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About eHarmony

What eHarmony Offers

This is an online dating site which has a comprehensive match-making process. As a respective member, you will be required to complete questionnaires that revolve around your values, beliefs, characteristics as well as your emotional values. The company will use these core traits to find you a suitable match. The matching is mainly based on commonality. The platform will provide secure communication channels and their will data analysis of your behavior like how much time you spend on the site.   There are different membership levels, which attract different fees.


eHarmony Payment Methods

Initially, there will be a free trial for all members, which serves as the orientation. Upon completion of the trial period, you will select your subscription and make payment using the various methods provided by eHarmony Canada. Some of the acceptable payment methods include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, debit cards that have the Visa or MasterCard logo, Discover Cards and PayPal. All these are the payment methods that are acceptable globally.

How to Get Savings on eHarmony

eHarmony Canada Promo Codes – Just like the other dating sites, eHarmony Canada has some subscription fees, depending on your specific membership level. There is a promo code that allows you to enjoy 12 months with payments of $15.95 per month. This is much lower than the ordinary membership payments and as such, you will enjoy great savings.

eHarmony Canada 60% off Deal – Take up the 60% off offer on eHarmony Canada. This offer allows you enjoy 60% off on your subscription for 6 months. This is a whole lot of time and you will most likely have found your match. This is a good offer for those who are just new on the site and would love to learn the ropes as they progress and hope to find a soul mate.

eHarmony Canada 72% off Offer – Pay up for the 12 months using this coupon and get a discount of 72% off your subscription. This means that you will be enjoying a monthly payment which is only 28% of the regular cost for your subscription level.

eHarmony Canada Free to View – How about getting an opportunity to review your profile after you have already submitted it? This is possible with this coupon and you will have a free opportunity to be able to review your profile and the data that has been uploaded on this site. You are also able to view some of the potential matches on the site.

eHarmony Canada Free Communication – Ideally, you are required to pay for all the communication that you pass across to potential partners. With this deal, you are able to communicate for free for a specific period of time. This deal is limited and you should seize it while it is still. Make the most of such an opportunity to get to know your potential matches in great detail.

eHarmony Canada New Customers – Get 73% off your order as a new customer. This is one of the ways to make you feel at home and enjoy the experience. If you are really not so sure about the site, this would be a great offer since you will not lose so much if things do not go your way.

eHarmony Canada Subscription Deals – When you look at the eHarmony Canada review on various sites, you will realize that most offers revolve around subscription. Some of the best deals include getting a full year subscription for the price of 6 months. This translates to a 50% off regular price discount. There is a similar offer that you can take up as well, whereby you pay for 6 months and get an extra 6 months free of charge.

eHarmony Canada Free Personality Profile – Sign up for this offer and get a free personality profile. This will allow you look at a how profiles are made and matched. Look out for this rare offer and make the most of what you receive.

eHarmony Canada Memorial Day Offer – The Memorial Day weekend is special as it is time to celebrate the men and women in uniform who protect the border. While celebrating this great day, the coupon lets you communicate with your possible matches free of charge.

eHarmony Canada Free Communication Weekend – Look out for the coupon that will give the opportunity to communicate absolutely free of charge. This is a frequent offer, but you have to be alert so as to grab the deal before it is too late. This will reduce your overall eHarmony Canada cost since you get free communication

eHarmony Canada Local Singles – Here is a great opportunity to hook up with single people in your area. Using this deal, you will be able to view the single ladies in your area and create a profile at no extra cost. The profile will be based on the information you gather about your possible matches.

eHarmony Canada Senior Singles – eHarmony Canada is not only designed for the young generation. Seniors have a great opportunity to hook up with other seniors within their desired age bracket. Do not suffer in loneliness alone at your old age. Check out this offer today.

eHarmony Canada Christian Matchmaking – Grab this amazing deal and get Christian singles who are looking for life partners. Just click on this deal and you will get a favorable eHarmony Canada promo code that lands you on tons of matches. This increases your probability of finding a match on this site.


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