Privacy Policy

Savvy Beaver Privacy Policy


Your use of the website means that you agree to accept the terms laid out in this policy.  Those who do not agree with this policy are advised to avoid using the website.


What Information is Collected About Visitors?


Our website collects both personal and non-personal information about visitors.  This is done only because it allows us to provide you with the best deals possible.  The main piece of information collected is your email address whenever you sign up for the email newsletter.  Visitors who wish to visit anonymously are free to do so.


How is Collected Information Used?


The deals that Savvy Beaver offer are personalized based on the information that is collected about you.  Information that we collect also serves the purpose of providing us with feedback from users.  Deals that we offer may sometimes be sent to the email address that you have provided us.  Newsletter members retain the right to stop receiving these emails at any time.  Instructions for doing so are included at the bottom of every email that is sent.


Do We Protect Your Information?


Yes!  Savvy Beaver takes a variety of measures to protect visitor's information.  It should be noted however that third parties may have access to data while it is in transit between users and our website.  Website users agree that it's not possible to 100% guarantee safe transmission over the Internet.


Google Adsense


Some of the ads that visitors see are served by Google.  These ads are delivered with the help of cookies that help ensure that they're relevant.  These cookies don't keep track of your name, address, email, or other pieces of personally identifiable information however.  You can visit a page on Google's website to opt out of Google DART cookies if you wish to do so.


The Use of Cookies


Cookies provide us with useful information, which is one of the main reasons why we use them.  We need to keep track of which pages on our website are visited most often.  These cookies don't contain information that can be tied to individual users as all of the information is aggregated.  Although each user has the option to disable cookies from loading onto their systems, certain functionality on the website may not be available after you do so.


Information Disclosure Policy


When it comes to information being transferring to outside parties, whether sold or traded, this is not done.  The only group who are provided with any type of information are our trusted partners and only because they're essential for operation of the website.  Our goal is to comply with all laws in an effort to protect both our and your rights.


Third Party Links


Third party services or products may sometimes be available on the website.  It's important that visitors understand that Savvy Beaver has absolutely no control over the content of third-party websites.  Each individual website is responsible for adopting its own privacy policy.


Compliance With the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act


Savvy Beaver is aware of the requirements of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.  Therefore, we don't collect information from users who are not at least 13 years of age.  The website is only designed to be used by those at least 13 years old.


Collecting Your Browsing History


Your browsing history will be collected, which you agree to upon using the Savvy Beaver website.  Upon collection, it will be shared with trusted partners so that they can deliver relevant communications with you.  You have the option to opt out of this program if you wish.


Your Consent


All visitors who use the website agree to all of the terms laid out in this privacy policy.


Privacy Policy Changes


You can visit this page on the website to see any changes that have been made to the privacy policy.