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Suzy Shier is a one of the leading fashion stores in Canada that sells women’s clothing. The store has been in existence for the last 40 years and it keeps expanding. There are over 140 stores that spread across the whole country and this gives a great opportunity to shop using the Suzy Shier coupons. You will find the latest fashion items at this store at an affordable price. This is one of the places where you can be assured that you always be in touch with the trending fashion items. Fashion keeps changing and this is why we are keen to provide the best deals which will allow you to keep up with the fashion trends. 

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About Suzy Shier

What Does Suzy Shier Offer?

Suzy Shier offers all the best fashion items for women across the country at great prices. Some of the items that you will find include dresses, tops, pants, sweaters, jumpsuits, rompers, shoes, jackets, coats, blazers, bottoms, vests, skirts and blouses and so many other items. There is a special category for the plus-size women who will find items that will bring out their best features.

Suzy Shier

Payment Methods used on Suzy Shier Canada

The store accepts a number of payment methods for the online purchases. Some of the main payment methods include MasterCard, Visa, American Express Card, Interac and Suzy Shier gift cards. The company does not accept payments via cash, cheques or store credit vouchers.

Ways to Get Savings on Suzy Shier

Suzy Shier Coupons – Look out for the tons of coupons that are related to this store. There is a Suzy Shier coupon that will give you a deal of 10% off your order. This is a significant offer as it will make it easier for you to purchase the latest fashion items from the store. This can be used on any order and therefore you should not let it pass.

Suzy Shier Mailing List – Join the Suzy Shier mail list to get instant updates and exclusive deals. You will have all the best offers, promotions, sales, special discounts and so much more delivered to your email. You should take action right away and sign up for the emails so that you will be informed at all times.

Suzy Shier 40% off Regular Styles – Random promotions are carried by the store and you would need to be vigilant so as to seize them as they come. Take up the offer to save 40% off the usual price on some selected styles. Due to the diversity of the store, you will certainly find items that are in your taste range.

Suzy Shier Social Media – Connect with Suzy Shier on all the major social networks so as to get the latest offers and deals. Follow the store on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and get instant notifications on all special offers from the store. All the new Suzy Shier dresses are commonly promoted through social platforms, so it would be advisable to link up with the store.

Suzy Shier 30% off Outerwear – Many people will pay attention to your outerwear and so you need to have a great selection. Go through all the outwear options that Suzy Shier has to offer and save up to 30% off the regular price. You can be able to shop for so much for a very low price.

Suzy Shier 50% off Fall Merchandise – Each season comes with its share of goodies on Suzy Shier. This fall, you will get a 50% discount off all the merchandise that you will buy. This is a great deal that can let you change your wardrobe and have the latest fashion trends in the world.

Suzy Shier Latest Fall Fashions – Get the latest fall fashion items at a ridiculously low price. You will get discounts of up to 70% off all these fashion items. Do not be overtaken by fashion when there are such great deals that you should not miss out on.

Suzy Shier Everyday Dresses Specials – Forever 21 has different types of dresses for the modern woman and different occasions. However, Suzy Shier offers you everyday dresses for as low as $35. This means that you do not have to look great only on special occasions when there is such a great deal

Suzy Shier BOGOs Deals – Everyone loves to get their money’s worth when they go shopping. At Suzy Shier, you will actually get more than your money can afford. There is a buy one, get one at 50% off the normal price. This is a great offer and it applies to all the regular items. You will enjoy huge savings with this deal.  

Suzy Shier Sale Items – Check out the various items that have been put up for sale and the huge discounts attached to them. You can save up to 50% on such items. This will see to it that you acquire your desired fashion items at half the price. There is an offer of 25% off the entire order, which is also a remarkable deal. The sale items are availed at a limited time only. Use the Suzy Shier coupons in store to get these discounts.

Suzy Shier Prestige Member – Once you sign up for the Prestige membership on Suzy Shier, you will get a 20% off discount. You will also receive free shipping on your orders by virtue of your subscription to this membership level

Suzy Shier Shipping Methods

Suzy Shier offers three main shipping options to the clients. These methods are standard shipping, Xpress and priority shipping. The shipping rates will be influenced by a number of factors, but you will be notified. All shipments are done through the Canada Post. All processed orders will be shipped the next business day. Suzy Shier ships to the entire region in Canada

Return Policy at Suzy Shier

All returns must be done within 30 days from the day of receipt and the original invoice must be attached. The refund will be credited using the payment methods used on the order. Intimates cannot be returned and any damaged items will not be accepted as well. When you buy your fashion items using Suzy Shier coupons, be sure to examine them properly upon delivery and contact the store immediately in case of a complaint.


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